I'm a hack of all trades.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife, 3 year old daughter, one lazy cat, and 6 chickens.

I'm employed by JustGive, played in Slow Gherkin for 7 years, and in my spare time you may find me building things, urban homesteading, composing music on the piano, riding my ebike, or playing in the park with my daughter edith.

I'm around the internet, here and there and have been since 1991. I became interested in the internet in high school, finding it very exciting that computers could be used as a social tool. I took a long break from computers during the dot com boom to play in a band and travel the country, but came back to it right in time for the bust (and things to start getting really interesting). After a failed moved to New Orleans, I moved back to Santa Cruz and got interested interested in open source. I bootstrapped my way into a new career by getting up to speed with linux, relearning perl, and making bots on IRC. From there it was a quick transition to full on web development, and I haven't stopped since. These days you can find me on LinkedIn, twitter, github, google, etc..., though I'm more into observing than participating right now.

Feel free to contact me, or check out my resume.